Job Skills - RUSD Substitute Custodian/ Nutrition Services Preparation Program

You could be working after only 10-11 class meetings! This class is offered every 3-4 weeks.

Registration is ongoing and is now held in person at Riverside Adult School located at 6735 Magnolia Avenue. The entrance to the school office is around the back of the main building.

You must bring Submit your your US government issued picture ID and signed social security card when you come to register. If your social security card has a "DHS Authorization" notice printed on it, you will need to bring your valid work authorization card. You will be placed into the upcoming class when you come to register.

A placement test will be conducted at the start of the class, and is required order to proceed with the class and hiring process.

Upcoming class Sessions:

April 15 - April 26

April 29 - May 10

May 13 - 24

This class is offered in person at Riverside Adult School. 

This class is offered during the following timeframes: 

Monday through Friday 8:30am to 10:30am
Monday through Friday 10:30am t o 12:30pm 

Please read the information below regarding the class and requirements.  

Are you looking for a job? 

Have you always wanted to work at a school? 

Riverside Adult School's Job Skills course can help you! 

Students who are successful in this course will be eligible for placement as a Riverside Unified substitute employee as a Custodian and/or Nutrition Service employee! All fees for the pre employment screenings are grant funded and of no charge to the student. Physical, drug/background screening - all paid for! If the cost associated with becoming a substitute employee has held you back from applying then this is a great way to overcome that!

Potential students must be over the age of 18 and no longer enrolled/eligible to be enrolled in high school. A high school diploma or GED is not required to be employed (but if you want to, we can help you with that too!). 

A reading assessment is given on the first day of class and students must score in the 9th grade or above range for reading. This requirement is in place due to the level of reading required in the certification and district examination portion of the course. Students who score below the 9th grade level may not continue with the course and may re-test at a later date and attempt to register again for the next interval of Job Skills.

Valid United States government issued identification and authorization to work in the U.S. is required to register.  Passports, driver's license, state identification cards, permanent resident cards suffice for photo/identity verification. A social security card is required in addition to the photo identification. The social security card must be signed by you.

Here are some of the items you will complete during this class:

RUSD district custodial exam
Fingerprinting/Background check
Drug screening
TB test
Physical exam
Food Handlers Card

Being a custodian and nutrition service employee is a physically demanding job. There are physical ability requirements for the RUSD employment testing process that are evaluated during the testing phase. Students who are interested in this program should review the job duties and physical requirements at the links below prior to enrolling in the job skills program. 
Custodian Job Description
Cafeteria Worker Job Description

Students who have previously been removed from this program for lack of attendance, drop after beginning the program, previously failed district employment screenings while in our program or are removed for other reasons will not be eligible to re-enroll.

*students must pass the RUSD screening process for employment. Students who are not successful in the screening process will not be hired by RUSD but can take their certifications and skills learned in the class to obtain employment elsewhere.

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